Restoration, Duplication and Custom Printing

Copying and restoring photographs, paintings, and drawings can be an important part of preserving a family's heritage and cherished works of art. It can also be a way of saving precious memories. Digital files can be kept longer than most traditonal prints. If your images are preserved at Franklin's you can have them saved on a flash drive or a CD at no charge.

Here are a few before and after examples of the digital editing

work done here at Franklin's

This very old print came into the shop with significant water damage. The image was camera copied and PhotoShop restored.

Restoration 1

This photograph had a number of problems: discoloration, missing sections, a long tear line, curling and very brittle paper. The photo was first carefully drymounted and then camera copied. The flaws were then removed and the color restored.

Restoration 2

Franklin´s likes a challenge.

The work needed on this old photo is quite obvious. The image was small, an 8 by 10, so it was first scanned. Corrections were made to flaws on the print and then placed against an 8 by 10 neutral background. The entire image was converted to black and white and the back- ground restored. The final step was to restore the sepia tone to the over all print.

Restoration 3

Here are a few other examples of custom restoration.

Restoration 4
Restoration 5
Restoration 6

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