Custom made quilt and rug hangers by Prairie Fire Frames of Sycamore.

Hangers 1

These hangers are made of solid oak and can be order by one inch lengths. They are available unfinished, clear coated, stained in any stain or painted in any color. The hangers are currently available in two basic designs: plain and decorative.

Our (compression) quilt hangers are designed to hold your quilt firmly and with even pressure across the entire width of the fabric. The cloth is held between the two pieces of wood with our unique pivoting dowel-rod design. The quilt is simply placed on the edge of the wood between the front and back boards, and the screws are then tightened. The fabric is not damaged. The hanger is then hung on the wall using framer’s saw-tooth hangers. The saw-tooth and bumpers permit a small amount of air to circulate around the frame and fabric. Air circulation is important to prevent wall, frame and fabric damage.

Our hangers can easily support this heavy 5' by 4' colorful native American rug.

Hangers 2

The hangers are also ideal for flags, tapestries, banners, weavings and other forms of art.
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